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      We are a true by appointment only salon. We are proud to present the first By Appointment Only  pet spa in the NW Raleigh area. Here we do not keep pets longer than necessary. Most pets arrive and are groomed starting right then and there. No waiting around in a cage and no early morning drop off and evening pickup required here. Most small pets are here for One - two hours or less for a pet groomed on a 1-5 week schedule. No rushing as we are not booking as many pets as normal grooming shops. In case your wondering about what we use here, all products and equipment used here are American made and the best in the Industry.



Barkgrooming@gmail.com or 919-665-9767


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Due to demand, please call or email as soon as you know your schedule. We are unable to create more appointments once slots are full. Please call far in advance for spots near any Holiday period.(Waitlisting is available!) As of Feb 2014 we are still accepting new clients.